What Did You Do With My Wife?

Have you ever listened to a CD so many times, over and over, on repeat that you know exactly what note or word will come up in each second of each song? Even the little nuances like an instrumental solo riff or an echo effect off the lead singer’s voice?

Well, that’s exactly what I have been torturing myself with the rough first-draft mixes of my songs… Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE these mixes!!! I’ve been blasting my little burned CD-R in my car up and down the road to work every day, and then listening to them on my iPod whenever I get a chance. They sound so good to me, I’m just so excited about how much progress there has been!!!

I almost felt like these were the final mixes, and I have been in love!!! Completely infatuated!!!

So when Dinky submitted the new final mixes, everything sounded completely different... SHOCKINGLY different!!! I found myself scratching my head like a husband whose wife just had an extreme makeover. “Who are you, and what did you do with my wife!?!?”

Similar to when ladies apply makeup to enhance the beauty from the smallest things on their face, like eye-lashes; Dinky touched up each song and pushed forward those little nuances and solos that I had come to love so much in during my road trips!!!

After hearing the new and improved mixes, I must jokingly say that Dinky is a magical makeup artist!!! Now the project title has a new meaning behind “Beautiful Wonder!”

You know I love you, my Beautiful Wonders!

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